Neilsoft’s Manufacturing Automation Solutions division specializes in developing automation solutions, designed to enhance operational efficiency, safety and ease of operation.

Through our breath of experience and vast pool of technical experts, we have evolved a problem-solving culture, that equips us to examine your manufacturing process to provide an assessment and subsequently help you in automating your processes. We can also develop a custom automation solution based on your own assessment or defined requirements.

What Differentiate Us?

All in One Place
We combine custom machine design & engineering with manufacturing and commissioning to provide a “One Stop” solution for developing new machines and upgrading or integrating custom improvements to existing machinery. This includes all areas of engineering like Mechanical, Electrical and Controls.

We strive for not getting influenced by specific technology or component OEMs. We have no bias as we are vendor-neutral. This allow us to develop solutions which are best suited to address various challenges faced by our clients.

Diverse background
Our engineering team consists of associates who have been working for different industries such as Consumer Goods, Personal Care, Food and Beverages, Automobile, Industrial Products, Medical Devices. This diverse background and different perspective of each associate helps us to innovative and develop custom solutions for our clients.

Collaborative Approach
We collaborate with client to establish expectations with respect to the level of automation, process and plant requirements, feedback from earlier attempts, if any, and getting feedback on designs. Client knows what is coming their way.

Global Footprint
We are working with clients across USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and India to develop and implement solutions worldwide and supporting their global footprint. We understand safety and other applicable standards in these geographies.


Personal Care

Consumer Goods


Industrial Products

Medical Devices

Building Materials

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Manufacturing Automation

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