Neilsoft has a specialist engineering team providing solutions for Noise & Vibration related problems for premier clients in the Automotive, Marine and Aerospace industry. The team uses robust simulation methods coupled with testing to address structural dynamic issues in mechanical, hydro-mechanical and rotary equipment type systems. The problem resolution is via structure and airborne vibration & noise (N&V) source detection, test-CAE based problem diagnosis, N&V path propagation study, virtual design improvements and test based verification. The N&V solution offerings include:

Vibration control in vehicles and operating machineries

  • Frequency response analysis and signature studies such as:
    • Automotive passenger & commercial vehicles
      • Powertrain Idle shake response at Steering wheel, Seat track & I/P
      • Road induced shake
      • Driveline unbalance induced vibrations
      • Exhaust flow induced vibrations
  • Source identification using test-CAE based hybrid approach
  • Vibration path propagation study using FE methods
  • Vibration control methods including
    • Structural stiffness modifications
    • Surface damping & tuned absorbers
    • Vibration isolation
  • Order tracking and forced response analysis for rotary equipments

Vibration control in vehicles and operating machineries

  • Bungee cord testing with impact hammer and EM shaker loading
  • Measurements via Accelerometer or Laser vibrometer
  • Dynamic/modal parameter estimation and correlation including
    • Natural frequencies
    • Damping factors
    • Mode shape vectors
  • Mode sensitivity studies & participation factors
  • LMS-VL and CADAX systems for testing & correlation
  • MSC NASTRAN for structural analysis

Noise control & Acoustic simulations

  • Interior cabin acoustic characterization — Automotive, Ship and Airplane cabins
  • Structural radiated noise measurement and mitigation
  • Product noise testing using ARAI's semi-anechoic and reverberation chamber in accordance with ANSI, ISO and other standards
  • Noise prediction using CAE based simulation methods and correlation to testing, for example:
    • Automotive Powertrain Part/Wide open throttle noise & Transmission/Axle Gear noise
    • Hydrodynamic & on-board machinery induced structure-borne noise in ships / yachts
  • Environmental & industrial noise modeling
    • Vehicle pass by noise (noise generation by cars, CVs, rail systems)
    • Characterizing and mitigating Noise generated in Industrial plants, by Theme park equipments, within indoor factories etc
  • Noise Simulation Tools used: MSC NASTRAN, LMS-VL, MATLAB

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