Neilsoft provides a range of multidisciplinary engineering services & solutions for Hydraulics Products & Equipment design and development to help our customers improve their engineering efficiency. Over the years, we have supported clients across the world in their projects and have emerged as a partner-of-choice for meeting their engineering needs. What has endeared us to our clients is our commitment to quality, process orientation, and Integrated Security process to protect the Intellectual properties of the Customer, flexibility, culture, proven methodology, ability to establish engineering teams, and a good understanding of various hydraulics product and equipment manufacturing industry standards and requirements.

Engineering Services Offered:

  • Legacy Conversion and PLM Migration
  • Modeling and Detailing / Production drawing release from 3D models
  • Dual Dimensioning (Imperial and Metric)
  • Hose / Pipe Routing Layouts and analysis
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Engineering Change Management Support
  • Technical Write-Up for Product Catalog, Spare Parts Catalog, Service manual
  • Web-Based Product Configuration Development Support, and Customer Relationship Management

  • Product Design and Development Support for Hydraulic Pump, Motor, Cylinders, Valves, Filtration Products, Manifold, Power Packs, Reservoir
  • Prototype Development Support
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Application Engineering Support in system level specification inputs
  • Product selection for hydraulic equipment
  • Product Bench Marking and Product Landscape
  • System Integration
  • New Tooling Development Support
  • Hydraulic Schematic design & optimization for system & sub-systems of Off-Highway and Industrial/Stationary Equipment.

  • CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics for Laminar & Transient conditions
  • FEA - Finite Element Analysis for Linear & non-linear
  • Mold Flow Analysis for single & muti-cavities with warp estimate
  • Multidisciplinary Schematic design & Simulation and optimization
  • Cost Analysis
  • Value Engineering and Value Analysis
  • Power Optimization for Components & Systems

  • Design Verification & Validation Plan
  • Test Procedure Creation
  • Physical Test of samples at individual component or as system for Product Validation
  • Simulation Vs Test Result Correlation Study
  • Test Result Interpretation and Design recommendations
  • Test Rigs Design and Development
  • Reliability Life Estimate from Test Results and S-N Curves

  • Customer Requirement Management
  • Process Automation using Hydro-Pneumatic-Electrical system
  • Manuals and Technical Publications
  • Asset Information Management
  • Warranty Analysis
  • Sourcing Support services
  • Product Certification Documentation write-up

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Manufacturing Engineering Services

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