Neilsoft provides Level 2 / Level 3 Technical Helpdesk support to global clients, working in different geographies and timezones for effective delivery, administration and supervision of users, processes & technologies, enabling a ‘hands-off’ approach towards routine administrative tasks.

  • Level 2 Support (over phone or email): Helps users in answering their technical questions and/or suggesting the best way to use specific engineering software
  • Level 3 Support: Includes trouble shooting and debugging by qualified programming engineers, to provide any required fixes to the software as well as recommend/develop further improvements and enhancements
  • CAD/ PLM Remote IT Support: Software installation, configuration, deployment, maintenance, system integration and updates

Application Maintenance:

For effective performance of day to day activities and for ensuring application availability to the intended users, for meeting their performance requirements -

  • Preventive maintenance for improved performance and reduced errors in the application, through systematic inspection and detection of failures (from the initial stages)
  • Adaptive maintenance for adapting the software to changes in the runtime environment

Application Support:

For prompt restoration of business applications and timely resolutions of incidents, in case of service disruptions -

  • Application status, performance monitoring and measuring availability
  • Proactive problem management and measures for analyzing incidents before occurrence (critical impact)
  • Service continuity planning and testing activities, to respond immediately to situations occurring from major system failures / disasters

Technical / CAD Helpdesk

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Asset Management Services

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