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IoT Customization Services

The on-going Industry 4.0 - Smart Factory drive makes it imperative for the manufacturing industry to adapt IoT platforms due to the high value benefits it offers, such as capturing of real time data, predictive analysis and monitoring & managing critical alerts; which helps them in activating or setting-up preventive actions much in advance.

Most IoT related platforms available in the market provide effective but generic solutions, and the manufacturing players are required to further personalize/customize the adopted platform to accommodate their industry specific needs.

We at Neilsoft, help manufacturing companies in customizing IoT platforms such as PTC ThingWorx, IBM Watson and other customer specific platforms to accommodate their industry specific requirements and needs. While developing these customized applications, we take in account critical factors viz. efficiency, stability and performance. We also have in-house expertise, experience and knowledge of working on relevant IoT related technologies such as web services, MQTT brokers, SOAP/REST APIs, JAVA/.NET, user interfaces development, big data, databases and cloud solutions (Platform as a Service, PaaS) to execute highly complex customized IoT based projects.

Our IoT platform customization services comprise of:

  • Creating customer specific mashups, widgets, reports, dashboards, graphs, alerts etc.
  • Real time data analysis
  • Predictive analysis
  • Monitoring & managing alerts
  • Developing mobile apps


Neilsoft partners with PTC ThingWorx, making Neilsoft a System Integrator for the ThingWorx IoT platform.

Neilsoft partners with PTC ThingWorxAs a PTC partner, Neilsoft will provide class-leading Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to enterprises based on PTC’s ThingWorx® IoT platform, while strengthening its ability to quickly bring customized IoT and remote connectivity solutions to its customers. This allows customers to leverage the robustness of the ThingWorx IoT platform and the depth of engineering and integration experience of Neilsoft. Neilsoft’s strong background in integrating IoT solutions with business processes, systems and automation, will enable customers to take complete advantage of the benefits of using IoT to provide innovative value to end-customers, or to create new levels of efficiencies and quality. Neilsoft is committed to the entire lifecycle and value proposition that ThingWorx enables, including deployment, integration, customization, data management, security, and servicing.

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