Neilsoft Acquires CADFORCE for AEC Outsourcing

October 27, 2008

CADFORCE, a leading Los Angeles-based AEC outsourcing services company, today announced a transaction wherein it will become an independent subsidiary of Neilsoft, a focused architectural and engineering outsourcing services company with an international presence. The combined group will have 900 employees worldwide. The move comes after the CADFORCE board of directors and shareholders found the Neilsoft proposal to be the most beneficial growth option for its customers, employees, and shareholders. The Neilsoft proposal offers specific steps to achieve CADFORCE’s goals of growth, expansion, and long-term stability along with strategic operational synergies.

Mr. Robert W. Vanech, CADFORCE’s co-founder, commented, “Our aspiration for CADFORCE to become a leader in the architectural outsourcing services space gets a big boost with this transaction. I am happy that our shareholders saw the merit in this proposal. Our team can now take on larger projects while delivering greater value to our customers. Neilsoft’s international presence, combined with our Los Angeles presence, also strengthens our client servicing and hybrid model capabilities.”

Ms. Venetia Kontogouris, managing director of Trident Capital and Neilsoft director, commented, “This is a very synergistic deal and will provide both an enhanced services portfolio and a mature delivery capability for CADFORCE. It will allow the CADFORCE team to expand beyond architectural services, and to provide structural and MEP services. Neilsoft will also bring its experience, tools, and methodology for quality management and work migration planning to CADFORCE, which is a significant value-add.”

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