Neilsoft specializes in providing software solutions & services to Plant Engineering software ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), consultants and owners.

Our enriched experience in Plant Engineering comprises of product development, re-architecting or customizing Plant Engineering products, developing modules/solutions for P&ID/3D piping, electrical measuring and control technology. We also provide services related to integration with structural design/CAD/CAE products, providing interoperability solutions to support different file formats and customizing Plant Engineering products to meet customer specific needs.

Our experience in migrating the existing/older plant data to the latest versions of Plant engineering products/software to make it reusable has proven to be of great value to our client. Our solutions supporting plant design automation helps in recording and tracking different systems viz. pressure vessel, heat transfer and hazardous alarm/alert system in plants.

Benefits realized by Plant ISVs, consultants and owners are

  • Extended team for product development cycle
  • Enhanced engineering productivity/efficiency
  • Significant reduction in design time
  • Streamlined product design to erection process
  • Better control on different systems in Plants
  • Better control on Material wastage and cost
  • Reduced job turn-around time

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Engineering / BIM Automation & Integration

Software Services

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