Neilsoft has developed best practices and a robust methodology related to manufacturing, considering the need for mass customization, strict validation & conformance guidelines, quality requirements, first time right (FTR) considerations, detailed & customized manufacturing instructions and availability of PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) to the manufacturing units. Our Manufacturing Support Services are focused on achieving the following objectives:

  • Improve Productivity through Intelligent Automation
  • Leverage Emerging Technologies such as IoT, Analytics, AI and Machine Learning
  • Efficient use of Data Generated by various Systems
  • Adoption of Industry 4.0
  • Seamless Integration between various Systems

Neilsoft Manufacturing Support Services:

  • Physical & Virtual Prototyping
  • Validation Requirements Analysis
  • Validation Planning
  • Internal Testing and Verification
  • Compliance Testing from Designated Agencies (UL, ASME, ISO, IEEE)
  • Fixing Conformance Issues
  • Validation and Conformance Reporting
  • Design Details with PMI (Product Manufacturing Information)
  • Limited Trail Manufacturing
  • Feedback Analysis and Incorporation of Design Changes
  • Finalize & Freezing the Design
  • Jigs and Fixture Design
  • Incorporate or Assist in Automation
  • PLC & Robotics Programming
  • Inspection & Quality Control
  • Improvement through Feedback and Analytics
  • Feedback from Manufacturing Process, Suppliers and Testers
  • Knowledge Base and Expert System Development using these Feedbacks
  • Feedback to Engineers through Automated System / Manual System

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Product Engineering

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