Job Code: SES-1222-002

Location: Pune

Qualification: B.E. /M.E.

Experience: 6 - 8 Years

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Provision and manage Infrastructure (on-premises & Cloud ) for Development, Build, Testing and Production Environments
  • Maintain and extend Test, Build and Deployment Automation
  • Work with project teams to define and prioritize project related DevOps requirements (Performance, Scaling, Monitoring and Component Upgrades)
  • Help evaluate emerging Cloud and DevOps technologies on a on-going basis - To identify opportunities, trends, and best practices required to strengthen In-house Development Practices

Skill based Requirements:

  • Candidate should have experience related to :
    • Version Control Systems ( SVN, Git - preferably GitLab )
    • Continuous Integration using Jenkins
    • Build Automation using Gradle
    • Configuring Gradle for C++. Java and .Net Projects
    • Build and Deployment Automation
    • Programming Languages – Python / JavaScript
    • Windows Server and Linux OS
    • Web Servers : IIS and Apache Web Werver
    • Azure / GCP Cloud Infrastructure and Services
  • Candidate should have extensive knowledge / understanding of :
    • PostgreSQL and/or any other RDBMS
    • Python Ecosystem (pip, pip-tools, setup tools, PyPI)
    • JS Ecosystem (Yarn, NPM, Webpack)
    • Familiarity with frameworks such as .NET, Django, Spring (from Build automation point of view)

Please send your resume to with the job code in the subject line.

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