We as an extended engineering arm to our clients in automotive sector provide product design support via optimized CAD/CAE environment which also includes product validation support via best practice CAE methods to assess performance and tackle problems with respect to complex physics, material behavior represented in product functionality.

Service offering for Automotive Industry

  • Digital benchmarking (Reverse Engineering CAD FE Testing & Correlation Database)
  • Product digitization and associated design automation
    • Detailing, drafting, migration & conversions (CAD) and design automation
    • Mathematical modeling of systems for simulations (CAE - FEA, CFD)
    • Digital Mock up (DMU)
  • CAE solutions
    • Vehicle ride comfort, Noise & Vibration assessment
    • Structure-worthiness for Durability & Impact-worthiness
    • Flow & Thermal characterization (CFD)
    • Motion simulation
    • Aero and Fluid flow induced acoustics
    • Topological and weight optimization
  • Testing, Correlation and Homologation

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