In the Building Information Modeling (BIM) domain, Neilsoft actively helps its partners in enhancing overall project efficiency and margins by achieving complete coordination amongst all designers, consultants and contractors, through integration of all project data (graphical, numerical and textual) in a single digital model.

Our engagements range from supporting our clients on projects to establish multi-disciplinary teams, to helping them in new technology initiatives/projects like sustainability, alternative energy and green buildings.

Neilsoft provides coordinated Architectural, Structural, MEP, Fire Fighting and BIM services, while working on multiple highly collaborative platforms (such as Revit central server and Citrix desktop environment) under-one-roof, which helps in reducing coordination efforts and conflicts between various disciplines for our clients.

BIM Services:

BIM Content Development Services :
Our solutions are supported by a large and experienced team of Modeling Support Staff to help the client deliver large and complex projects in a Revit environment.

Enterprise Level BIM Consulting Services:
Over the years, Neilsoft has worked closely with Architects, Consultants, Developers & Contractors to develop efficient BIM Implementation Strategies while adopting the best BIM practices being pursued globally.

BIM Implementation and Training / Development Services :
Neilsoft offers BIM implementation for projects as well as organization. Levels of engagement are different and this assignment includes providing Licensing, Training, Team Development and Live Project supports.

Our experienced team helps to mobilize client’s workforce into Revit and to make them understand the fundamentals of BIM well for better project execution.

Project Collaboration using Revit Server :
Neilsoft has expertise on working on Revit Server as a collaboration tool. This option can be explored, if there is a need of multiple teams working together on a single Revit file. It enables separate geographical offices to work on Revit models concurrently. Neilsoft's highly skilled IT team enables Revit Server setup and administration for clients.

Software Customization, Integration and Design Automation:
Our solutions are supported by a niche team of programmers having a good understanding of the AEC domain with ability to develop utilities which can enhance client's working and projects efficiencies.

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