All projects, starting from “pre-bid” stage till “as built” stage do get benefited by using virtual design and construction technology. Apart from savings in material labour and time it also helps optimize construction logistics of any project.

Neilsoft has vast experience in supporting various stake holders, owners, consultants and general contractors, in the entire virtual life cycle of the project. Apart from 3D modeling expertise we also specialize in 4D sequencing and visualization techniques.

List of the services we provide:

  • Site Modeling and Underground utilities
  • 3D Modeling of: Topography, Parking lots, Roads, including the main road, Site Fencing, gates, roads, sidewalks, street lighting, Underground piping, Concrete duct banks
  • Underground foundations
  • 4D modeling services, clash detection
  • Rendering and presentation video production
  • Tunnels: Geometric design, visualization of complex areas, concrete structures, rebar detailing, utilities coordination, quantity extraction, GFC drawings
  • Bridges: Geometric design I-girder and box girder bridges, sub structures, foundations, approaches, utilities & coordination, quantity extraction, GFC drawings
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) & Water Treatment Plant (WTP): Geometric design, existing and new underground utilities, coordination, quantity extraction, GFC drawings

BIM for Safety

  • Site component creation: Parametric site component library creation of various site equipments and accessories like site fence, lifts etc
  • Site scenario planning: Planning the construction site will all existing and proposed conditions and taking overall safety measures, for better site and logistic planning, video production of the constructions sequence i.e. 4D.

BIM for Visualization

  • Still images, walk through videos from the BIM for Building, Roads, bridges and tunnels for photo realistic visualizations.
  • Compilation and creating videos

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BIM Services

Building Design

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